Our Model

Northern Public Affairs is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization that works to strengthen and connect networks of Northern and Indigenous communities and researchers to increase the impact of knowledge by and for the North.

NPA uses an innovative editorial model and the newest technologies to bring existing knowledge networks together in one space. Since 2012, NPA has emerged as a credible public convener of research and policy networks, helping thousands of people access new Northern knowledge each month

Our editorial board works with the support of Northern partners, including the Nunavut Research Institute and Aurora College, to produce interdisciplinary, plain language print and digital products designed to maximize the impact of knowledge for better governance.

Our Model

Our knowledge mobilization model relies on editorial partnerships with diverse Northern and Indigenous stakeholders. In February 2017 NPA formed a volunteer editorial board composed of researchers, community members, and thought leaders from across the North. The board is responsible for planning, curating, and producing content for each issue of the magazine. The first issue produced under the direction of the editorial board was Volume 5, Issue 2 (spring/summer 2017).


NPA Magazine is published three times a year in print and online. The magazine features articles written by, and for, our audience of Northern community members, activists, policy practitioners, and researchers.


Our website hosts current and past issues of our magazine as well as original writing and analysis written specifically for our blog. This material is also made available through social media.