Kiri Staples
Kiri Staples

Kiri Staples is currently a PhD student with the School of Environment, Resource and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo. She was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, and is interested in how environmental decisions get made in the North. Most of her research is an excuse to talk to interesting people.

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Kiri Staples

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    Delta Dialogue: Traveling display maps concern for Northern watersheds

    Capturing the heartbeat of a river is no simple task, but that’s what Graham Strickert of the University of Saskatchewan is doing by turning hydrological change into sound.

    Strickert starts with a graph that shows how much water has flowed through the Saskatchewan River every year over the past hundred years. If you look closely, you notice a distinct turning point: Where previously there were regular highs and lows, the pattern is now irregular. The high points are no longer as high, lows not as low, and these points are no longer occurring regularly. The natural variability has changed. Strickert has turned this graph into sound using a program called Photosounder 1.9.0. Put on a pair of headphones, and it is like you are listening to the river’s heartbeat through a stethoscope. What starts as a steady pulse turns into a heartbeat with an arrhythmia or irregularity.

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