Sarah Frey
Sarah Frey

Sarah Frey is a student, writer, and activist currently living in Whitehorse, Yukon. Sarah's work often focuses on gender issues within Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and she is an active volunteer for Girl Guides of Canada. Since relocating to Yukon from Ontario in 2014, Sarah has developed a passionate sense of place in the North. Sarah is a member of the Yukon New Democratic Party. Find her on Twitter @sarahthefrey

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Sarah Frey


    Northern women’s marches connect to global fight for human rights

    The Women’s March on Washington was strategically organized on the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump as a direct response against the hate-inciting, divisive, and discriminatory messages and policy proposals witnessed during the presidential campaign [1]. Between promising to cut abortion access, using language that advocates sexual assault, and making statements that many believe to be racist and sexist along the presidential campaign odyssey, human rights have become the forefront of contemporary political discourse alongside the election of the new president.

    The more than 4.8 million people of all genders around the world who marched on January 21, 2017 in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington were joined by satellite marches in two of the three Northern territorial capitals. Despite temperatures in Whitehorse reaching -37C and -25C in Yellowknife, hundreds came out to demonstrate their support for the movement south of the border. These Northern marches were not only part of a global backlash against the rise of the extreme-right in America, but were also intended to bring attention to the unique gender issues that affect the North. Experts speculate that the 2017 Women’s March may be the largest global protest in history. With over 670 organized marches worldwide, a marcher from the Yukon described the importance of the solidarity acts as “a demonstration to the folks down south that are resisting these human rights abuses every day…that they are not alone.”

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