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Call for Contributions to Northern Public Affairs Volume 5, Issue 2: Innovations in Northern Community Health and Wellness

Northern Public Affairs and the Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre are pleased to release this call for contributions to the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of NPA Magazine focusing on community-led innovations to promote health and wellness in Northern communities.

Stories about our Northern communities often focus on highlighting challenges. However, our communities are full of innovative ideas, responsive programs, and passionate, loving, dedicated people who are implementing solutions. The resilience, strength, and capability of our Northern communities is harnessed in many community-led initiatives that work to reclaim family relationship perspectives, kinships, creativity, arts and music, land skills, harvesting, and education – all of which are important health determinants. Public health interventions that mirror community-led initiatives to revitalize the health-promoting pathways that have existed in the North for millennia are very effective and make a positive contribution to strengthening of sharing health and wellness knowledge.

In this issue of NPA Magazine our goal is to mobilize diverse voices from across the North to talk about the inspiring and innovative ways that Northern communities are promoting health and wellness.  In particular, NPA is seeking contributions related to innovations in:

  • Applications of technology (e.g. robotics, apps, software, photo/video, etc.)
  • Program development (e.g. community- and/or land-based youth programs, performance and visual arts, drop-in programs, etc.);
  • Policy interventions (e.g. community freezers, community drop-in, family healing centres, etc.)
  • Multi-disciplinary (e.g. holistic innovations that encompass environment, people, wildlife; innovative systems approaches)

NPA wishes to highlight local knowledge, as well as research and policy analysis, that will highlight innovative practices and promote cross-community learning and collaboration.

We invite personal stories, speeches, essays, commentary, prose, poetry, and visual arts contributions. The deadline for full submissions is April 15, 2017.

Please direct your questions and submissions to:

Sheena Kennedy Dalseg and Gwen Healey

Editors, Northern Public Affairs

Please note: Submissions should be no more than 3,000 words

Photo credit: istockphoto/flyingrussian

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