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Call for Contributions to NPA Volume 5, Issue 3: Preventing suicide among Indigenous Peoples

Northern Public Affairs is pleased to release this call for contributions to the Fall 2017 issue of NPA Magazine focusing on promising developments in suicide prevention among Indigenous Peoples in North America.

Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the United States have for decades faced elevated rates of suicide compared to our non-Indigenous counterparts. In Canada, suicide clusters among Indigenous populations frequently trigger national debates and speculation about suicide and suicide prevention. However, despite persistent, elevated rates of suicide among many Indigenous communities, the discourse among politicians, policymakers, and other commentators about suicide prevention tends to focus on solutions driven by speculation and personal opinion rather than evidence-based, public health approaches. In order to address this challenge, a mature discussion is needed that includes the robust and growing evidence about suicide and suicide risk factors, as well as bright spots in suicide prevention, that can help point the way to reduced rates of suicide among Indigenous peoples.

In this issue of NPA Magazine, our goal is to mobilize diverse voices to talk about what we know about suicide among Indigenous Peoples and to highlight successful and promising initiatives in suicide prevention. In particular, NPA is seeking contributions that address the following:

• What the evidence tells us about risk factors for suicide and how this information can be better utilized to drive action on suicide prevention;

• Promising programs, policies, and initiatives that are reducing suicide rates and what we can learn from them; and

• Ways to shift public dialogue about suicide and suicide prevention.

NPA wishes to highlight local knowledge, as well as research and policy analysis, that will advance public understanding of suicide and suicide risk factors among Indigenous Peoples and communities. We invite personal stories, speeches, essays, commentary, poetry, and visual arts contributions. Proposals of 100 – 200 words are requested by June 15, 2017. The deadline for full submissions is August 15, 2017. Submissions should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words in length.

Please direct your questions or submission proposals to:

Tim Aqukkasuk Argetsinger –

Joshua Gladstone –

Editors, Northern Public Affairs

Photo: istockphoto/alexkich

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