CAMERON: One Little Video!

Our Yukon correspondent, Kirk Cameron, on Whitehorse City Council‘s epic trailer.
I’m getting old, but I’m not that old! I’ve managed to keep up somewhat with the revolution of people connection in the web-world of today. There’s Twitter, Facebook, and as you know I’m a blogger (I think that’s the right term).
But, I admit surprise to the popularity of a recent 50 second piece produced by Community Cable 9 advertising the business of Whitehorse City Council which comes to Whitehorse residents’ living rooms every Monday evening come rain or shine!

At time and date of writing, this sexy little piece has attracted 76,703 watchers; that’s about three times the entire population of this wonderful Northern capital.

Media has caught on to this little gem. Headlines include:

The Washington Post? You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! But no, it’s really there. Go take a look for yourself. And, if you’d like to see a good shot of my chin, in the National Post piece I’m the guy turning the pages on a briefing package with a suitable somber expression on my face (the part you can see…)

This piece is really somewhat dramatic. Intense music backing slow motion runs of staff entering Council Chambers, the Mayor approaching his Chair, a gavel in waiting, expectant and stern citizens in the gallery, and of course, my chin…

So, what’s with this? Why has this curried so much interest? Options include really slow news day (somehow I doubt that given everything else going on in Canada, and indeed Washington D.C.). It may be that people are really looking for a little distraction and humor in their otherwise hum drum lives (we’re getting warmer here I suspect). And just maybe there is a social networking phenomenon here that after a few people saw this work and had a good chuckle, they shared with their friends and away it went.

We truly live in a new age where something just a little novel will gain traction through social media in a way that has never been possible in human history. Off it goes, and then the “traditional” media, catches the spirit and puts it “in print”.

I wonder out loud if we will see a dramatic increase in people dialing in to City Council on Monday evenings. Somehow, I suspect not. But, I’ve been wrong before…

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