Emerging Writers

Northern Public Affairs is proud to support new and emerging voices through our Emerging Northern Writers and Artists Fund. The Fund provides small grants to independent Northern writers and artists whose work may not otherwise appear in Northern Public Affairs. The Fund underscores our commitment to advancing education through training in the literary arts.

The Fund supports all kinds of writing and artistic expression: essays, short fiction, poetry, and visual arts on a variety of themes. We have two calls per year in February and August.

The value of the Fund is up to $600 per issue of Northern Public Affairs. Up to three awards will be granted per issue on a competitive basis. Submissions will be evaluated for their contribution to public debate and/or artistic merit.


1. Applicants must be current or former Northern residents;
2. Applicants will work with the editors of Northern Public Affairs; and,
3. Priority will be given to new and emerging authors and artists, non-professionals, and Indigenous contributors.

See sample works from past ENWAF contributors below!

For more information, please contact our editorial team at info@northernpublicaffairs.ca.

Recent ENWAF Recipients

Joanna Lilley
“Extinct” (February 2016)

Laurel Parry
“Luckyrock” (March 2015)

Robin Young
“What brought you North?” (August 2015)