Labour Numbers: Unemployment up in Yukon and NWT—UPDATE

Last Friday, Statistics Canada released April’s labour force participation numbers for the territories. Yukon’s unemployment rate stood at 9.5%, an increase of almost 2% over April 2011. The Northwest Territories has an unemployment rate of 9.1%, also about a 2% increase over last year. Nunavut saw a decrease in its unemployment rate from 16.2% in April 2011 to 14.8% last month.
Analysis by Statistics Canada of these numbers was not available as of this writing.
These numbers are not seasonally adjusted, Statistics Canada warns, and should be only be compared on a year-over-year basis.
Statistics Canada releases territorial numbers separately from its national reporting because its uses an alternative methodology “that accommodates some of the operational difficulties inherent to remote locales.”

*Update* The Yukon Bureau of Statistics provides an in-depth look at labour force data in the territory. Its seasonally adjusted numbers show an unemployment rate of 7.9%, up slightly from March.
The report shows these numbers at a glance:
[blockquote]Labour force……….20,300
Unemployment rate……….7.9%
Based on the seasonally adjusted numbers—which are not available for the NWT or Nunavut—show that Yukon’s unemployment rate is slightly above the national average of 7.9%.

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