Quebec Government Announces $4.6 Million for Environmental Monitoring

Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development, 
Environment and Parks, Pierre Arcand
announced today that the provincial government is prepared to spend $4.6 million to support environmental protection and monitoring as part of the Plan Nord, the regional development plan for Nunavik, launched in May 2011. The Plan Nord is a 25-year $80 billion investment and development plan for northern Quebec, which seeks to balance environmental protection and conservation with major resource development projects.
The following is a statement from the Minister:

Through the approach adopted under the Plan Nord, Québec is taking the opportunity to develop prosperous living environments and sustainable economic projects. Accordingly, the government intends to preserve natural resources and biodiversity for current and future generations in a spirit of respect for the cultural identities of local populations and the Aboriginal communities.
The Plan Nord is a daunting challenge that seeks to strike a balance between different types of activities and forms of conservation. In this context, the government will ultimately devote 50% of the territory that the Plan Nord covers to purposes other than industrial ones, environmental protection, and safeguarding biodiversity.
The Plan Nord will be an exemplary sustainable development project.

The newly announced funds are intended to go to 38 (19 new) positions related to conversation and environmental efforts in the region, a new mobile laboratory, equipment, and a new mining unit for the northern region of Quebec.

Photo credit: “Nord” © 2006 Francis Mariani, Creative Commons license.

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