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    Visions of a new cabinet: Predictions for the 18th NWT Legislative Assembly

    With orientation beginning today, the 19 newly elected Members of the Legislative Assembly will have a couple of weeks to take it all in before casting secret ballots for their choice as the new speaker and premier of the Northwest Territories.

    After an election that spelled the end of several incumbent’s runs, 11 new faces will take their seats in the chamber, forming the territory’s 18th Legislative Assembly.

    Before picking the names to take on the various portfolios under the government of the Northwest Territories, MLAs will first establish a list of priorities for their term. Issues such as the Dehcho Process would understandably be on that list, as well as the need to grapple with the high cost of living, the decentralization of government jobs, and population growth (or lack thereof) in the territory. Each department will also have its own list of priorities to cross off, with a few ministers heading straight into the trenches.

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