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    Cameron: What to do…Political Choice or Cultural Alignment?

    Our Yukon correspondent, Kirk Cameron, on MLA Darius Elias’ departure from the Liberal Party and the structure of party politics in the Yukon.
    [dropcap_1]A[/dropcap_1] theme that weaves through much of my writing on northern political and governance topics is the question of “difference” between our Yukon history and that of the other provinces and territories in Canada.  It’s easy to see differences between mainstream-Canada political systems and the NWT or Nunavut, as these territories have some fundamentally different approaches to the business of governing; the consensus style decision-making process comes to mind.
    However, where Yukon is concerned, the differences are perhaps more subtle, and certainly more difficult to put a finger on.
    A recent alignment of stars has given me pause for thought on this question of “difference”.  Last week an announcement by a Yukon political leader has served to highlight one of these.  This coincides with a writing project relating to the Yukon’s Legislature which has given me time to reflect on the unique characteristics of our governance institutions.
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