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    Yellowknife is in the midst of an undeniable homelessness crisis

    I was picking up sushi on Franklin Avenue with my girlfriend a few Saturdays ago when we noticed a commotion happening across the street. There were about a dozen street people passing around bottles of Smirnoff in the parking lot of the Centre Square Mall. It was around 5:30 p.m. – a half hour after the day centre closes its doors and another hour and a half until the Salvation Army opens up. With nowhere else to go, everyone seemed to be enjoying the unusually warm weather except for one man who kept falling over in a heap and vomiting on himself. My girlfriend and I watched on as parked cars pulled out of the parking lot and a small parade of bystanders walked past and averted their eyes. One of the homeless people tried to help the man up, but despite their best efforts he kept collapsing. It was clear the man needed medical attention. With no one else on the street bothering to help, my girlfriend, who works at the Safe Harbour Day Centre and recognized the client, called EMS, and left the restaurant to check on him.
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