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Ursa Minor: Poetry inspired by real Northern news

“No mental health support available for First Nations Artist who died in jail, says Chief.” CBC. Feb 15, 2017.

Those Who Are Carried Away


the night is a  pretty stranger

who calls your name


through clenched teeth, sweetens


all manner of bitterness with the soothing

sounds of a river running, water moving


under bridges swollen up with swallows


bones, broken cups, carnation blossoms, used syringes, i love yous

left unreturned or forgot, other


alms to the failures of the failures of the dead


now sleeping in cold eddies someplace

where the river meets the unparted sea


shadows of themselves darkened by long longed for repose


accusing as empty bottles, parole hearings, missed birthday, court orders

drunk and disorderly, it’s


one thing to be downing, another to be drowned, irreconcilable


as dusk and day, a hand rising up, reaching up

begging to go down


there are those who are carried away


who have fallen through the despairing ice, capsized

and do or do not return


there is no help for this says the night


to you, to no one, to the owl, to the white

frost-burnt trees


you are all alone: there is only you and me

Photo credit: istockphoto/ognianm

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