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Ursa Minor: Poetry inspired by real Northern news

“Whitehorse man gets 30 months for operating meth lab in mom’s basement.” CBC. Aug 24, 2016.

Property Values

from the arctic entries of their bungalows, the old

women, the young mothers, the middle


aged fathers watch their tulips grow

nervously – in may


it’s been know to snow but only

sometimes, soon the grass


will have to be mowed, the fireweed

shoots along the road have gotten over


being plowed but theres still

salt bins on the drive ways, thin


white film like milk

like sugar, like 


coke, still :

it might be safe to let


the kids out with the tomatoes during the day so long

as you bring them in at night and ignore


the rushed way the fire department has arrived,

the unusual


odour of burnt cough syrup, old metal, batteries, smells

better associated with houses whose flowered


wall paper is peeling, the glue

all licked off, soon the freshly-groomed


back yard dogs sound the alarm behind

white picket fences, bark


at strangers in alien get-up hazmat suits like super

heroes wearing plastic shower curtain panties at five


in the afternoon, next door the blinds

go up and down, blinking


disbelieving eyes, cars with stick

family bumper stickers slow


down as they roll by one

by one  after soccer practice, one by one


/perfectly organized second at a time, children

leaving snotty mugshots on the washed


windows, go home, watch

cop dramas with their parents while sunday


comes and goes

comes and goes, dinner


in the oven and CBC on the radio while

somewhere down the street and down


in the subterranean sub-below, someone

something somewhere sometimes smokes


suspiciously on  the back burner, submerged

silent in a grey sea of suburban property values

Photo: istockphoto/J33P3l2

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