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Ursa Minor: Poetry inspired by real Northern news

In January, Northern Public Affairs received correspondence from Lori Fox (formerly Garrison) questioning whether her creative writing, published on NPA’s blog, was culturally appropriate. Upon review, the publisher respects the instinct of the author in raising this issue and has decided to remove this content from the blog.

NPA makes every effort to provide space for a diversity of voices to engage in informed discussion and debate on issues affecting Northern and Indigenous peoples. The work posted on the NPA blog reflects the views and judgements of the persons posting it and not of NPA itself. 

In contrast with Northern Public Affairs Magazine, which is overseen by an editorial board, the blog is overseen directly by the publisher. The publisher allowed some posts to appear on the blog that now may be judged inconsistent with NPA’s standards of acceptability.  These standards are subject to constant review by it to reflect on changes in society and in how NPA chooses to respect those changes.

 For those who wish to review the posts by Lori Fox that have been removed from the NPA blog, they may be obtained from the author.

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