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Ursa Minor: Poetry inspired by real Northern news

“New Gord Downie work dedicated to boy who died running away from residential school.” CBC. Sept. 9, 2016.

Unlucky Bird

mark this mourning, last night

there was frost, the old


women are optimistic but the birds

know it will snow, make


slow escapes against

guns and the gunmetal grey


of institutions supported by institutional

insistation on standardization, the road


side stands are all closed

the talking talking talking tourists have


all returned to suburban side lines, the fire

weed is out bloomed, gone


to cotton and the strange

sorrow autumn brings, catch


in red sumac arrows, the blue

berry season over but the rose


hips have sweetened, still its

carnations everyone should be wearing, school


has gone in, soon

it will go out, thanks


giving a holiday for fat

people in fat houses housing


all kinds of regrets you would never

have thought to think about, that’s


what all the thick carpets are about, under

the freshly-beaten rugs tiny


red fingers poke out, quick

clean up, company


has come, sitting now

with a knife to cut the unlucky bird, the candle


goes out, a cold

wind accuses the room, someone


left the window open, forgot

to lock up, with


his hand on the door your grandfather says

we did what we could to make them civilized, outside


a whisky jack raids the feeder, cries out

wenjack wenjack wenjack


over and over as if the word

would mean something to an ear that was listening

Photo: istockphoto/FunkinsDesigns

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