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Ursa Minor: Poetry inspired by real Northern news

“Four vials of fentanyl stolen from Kugluktuk health centre.” CBC. Sept 16, 2016.

Ghosts In These Rooms

there are ghosts in these rooms

she says, leaning

back in time to set herself a new


hour to lose that time to, eyes

half closed as she communes

with something someone far away, watches


white birds take dark turns against the red

wash out of inner lids, the quiet

machines machining mechanized nightmares but the rough


and ready rumble of the world keeps

the joy out, so she seeks

the stillness seeping from the slowly


dissolving jewel, the peace

which could only come from sleeping

sublime in the awakened morning, knowing you might


die you desire

a sweeter sort of death, the nothing of

nothing matters now, now


the paramedics come like princes, place pink

naloxone kisses on blue lips, doctors

doctoring their own prescriptions prescribe


temporary reliefs against human misery, standing off

to the side a grey dog remarks, he who makes a beast of himself

takes away the pain of being


a man, the dog

is chained to a tree, the tree

has died, the police


lift her limp wrist, searching

for a freshly-bruised place to fix

the handcuffs now, none of this


is ready for recording, returning

from darkest, sweetest Nirvana she lays

on her side on the brightest, coldest


longest long night, watches

the Whitehorse Hotel sign burn

out another light, cries


why is this happening to me? a question which

once freed turns into a swarm

of buzzing bees, dissolves


in the acid warmth of police reports, public

service announcements, the general

malaise of people speaking fearfully of


other people, this house, that street, some

slinking shape without a face come creeping

out of some fresh-hot chemical junkie junk methadone dream

Photo credit: Northern Pix (CC)

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