Letter From the Editors

Joshua Gladstone and Sheena Kennedy Dalseg

In the first issue of Northern Public Affairs magazine published in June 2012, the editors called for a new conversation about Northern public policy rooted in the experiences and concerns of Northern community members whose knowledge and wisdom are central to the shaping and reshaping of Northern life.

At the time, we argued that few formal mechanisms existed to sustain an ongoing dialogue among researchers, policy makers, and the public across the North’s diverse geographic, cultural, and social landscapes. We hoped that NPA would fill that gap. Five years and 17 issues later, NPA has emerged as a credible, dependable, and creative multiplatform space for mobilizing knowledge in and about the North.

Our recognition of the North’s colonial history and our desire to support the decolonization movement has meant that relationships with Northern community members have been central to our publishing efforts. We have worked to bring innovative and sometimes radical ideas into the policy discussions on education and research, modern treaties, literacy, Indigenous rights and governance, and, in this issue, food security. To do this our small editorial team has reached out to Northern thought leaders as well as people in the south who share our goal of making knowledge for policy more accessible. But as we look to the future we realize that in order for the publication to flourish we need to share editorial responsibilities more broadly.

Last year we began the work of assembling an editorial board separate from NPA’s corporate board that would be responsible for planning, curating, and producing content for each issue of the magazine. Today, we are pleased to announce the formation of such a body and honoured to welcome a membership with the energy, expertise, and experience to help us renew our commitment to thoughtful, plain language dialogue on issues facing Northern Canadians:

Tim Argetsinger

Julia Christensen

Kirk Cameron

Paul Crowley

Sean Guistini

Gwen K. Healey

Sandra Inutiq

Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox

Aviaq Johnston

Hayden King

Rhiannon Klein

Heather McGregor

Pitseolak Pfeifer

Thierry Rodon

Jerald Sabin (Founding Editor)

Deborah Simmons

Kiri Staples

Valoree Walker

Joshua Gladstone and Sheena Kennedy Dalseg will retain the role of co-managing editor, while Meagan Wohlberg remains in her role as online editor.

In this issue of the magazine, produced before the formation of the new editorial board and with the assistance of guest editors Andrew Spring and Deborah Simmons, we focus on the issue of food security in the North. The content of future issues will be overseen by the expanded editorial board. ◉

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