Volume 6 Special Issue 3: Special Issue on Hotıì ts’eeda Working together for good health

Image: By Amos Scott



Hotıì ts’eeda – Working together for good health
Dr. Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox

Research, resurgence, and Indigenous health
Dr. Donna May Kimmaliardjuk

ICHR’s Kimberley Fairman on knowledge translation and community based approaches to health research
Rachel MacNeill

Community research, community priorities: An interview with Dr. Sangita Sharma
Rachel MacNeill

Reviving the Įdaà Trail: Interview with Tom Andrew and John B. Zoe
Jessica Simpson

Dene Heroes: How the Sahtú is strengthening literacy and leadership
Jessica Simpson, with files from Mary-Anne Neal

Bridging the gap between two world views: Perspectives of an Indigenous nurse
Lianne Mantla-Look


Changing the system: Improving Indigenous health outcomes in NWT through policy and practice
Debbie DeLancey

Conducting research in the Northwest Territories: Perspectives from a health and social science researcher
Pertice Moffitt

Project Jewel: Innovation in evaluating an on-the-land program
Mary Ollier, Audrey R. Giles, Meghan Etter, Jimmy Ruttan, Peggy Day, Nellie Elanik, Ruth Goose,
Esther Ipana, Sarah Rogers,Evelyn Storr, Francine Darroch, & Tricia McGuire-Adams

Strengthening health and wellness through community-based research in the Tłįchǫ region
Sophie Roher & Anita Daniels-Black

Decolonizing health care: Indigenous digital storytelling as pedagogical tool for cultural safety in health care settings
Shelley Wiart

Building community-university research partnerships to enhance capacity for climate change and food security action in the NWT
Andrew Spring, Kelly Skinner, Sonia D. Wesche, Jennifer Fresque-Baxter, Meghan Brockington, Gina Bayha,
Warren Dodd, Jessica Dutton, Myriam Fillion, Tiff-Annie Kenny, Brian Laird, Alex Latta, Jullian MacLean,
Kaitlyn Menard, Sonja Ostertag, Mylene Ratelle, Melaine Simba, & John B. Zoe

After the diamonds: “Blue sky” visions
Rebecca Hall

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