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FROM THE MAGAZINE — Literacy & Democracy

Is improving literacy the key to Northern Canada’s political and economic future? This month we present a special section on literacy in Northern Canada. Our December issue features contributions by former Justice Thomas R. Berger on modern treaties, Tim Querengesser on the thought of Glen Coulthard, and Marcus Jackson on the future of art in the NWT.

Below, we present our editorial on the link between literacy and democracy. Consensus government places a high informational burden on Nunavut’s voters. Consensus politics — or any democratic politics, for that matter — cannot function properly without an educated and literate population. For this reason, those candidates who were elected on a platform to improve education deserve the support of the entire legislature. Let us hope they will be successful in spite of the challenges of consensus government.

Letter From the Editors – December 2013

Photo credit: “Hi Ya” by Mike Beauregard.

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