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Ursa Minor: Poetry inspired by real Northern news

“Over hunting creating hardship for Kaska, says Ross River Dena Council.” CBC. Nov 4, 2016.


In the Killing Fields

the shape of all your triumphant failures fall

in the shadows of broken mountains waiting


to be mounted on the walls of suburban bungalows, flesh

softened in death, made firm


by costco memberships, petrochemicals, four hundred

dollar polar tinted sun glasses made


for seeing in the snow without

seeing the snow, so


now the wind has changed, carries

the burnt odour of buckshot, crushed


gorse sage, the sound

of dogs baying, men laughing, beer


bottles breaking, saw

bones sawing bones with rotating blades, bones


being fed to the baying dogs, now

you broadcast this shame all over town


static-filled news crackling through like the CBC playing

in an empty room, heard


through the bravado-thin walls by dark-faced

old men with lines in those dark faces like


old maps to old places whose names were all just

recently forgotten or renamed, old men


sitting in post-office cafes, drinking

milk in black tea, seeing


your carharts with the tags still hanging

from the back like fresh-killed birds, shake


those old heads with the old map faces mapping

some kind of anger, some kind of sorrow, close


their quiet eyes, say

nothing when you arrive


cloaked in laughter, delighted

with the novelties of blood and cold, try


for the camaraderie of killers, saying

hey hey hey, up in those killing fields, eh?


to these old men sitting

alone or together at half-empty tables

Photo credit: istockphoto/MajaPhoto

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