Volume 6 Special Issue 1: The Pan-Territorial On-the-Land Summit

The image shows the landmark cross and tipi in the Yellowknives Dene community of Dettah cloaked by a snowstorm during the Pan-Territorial On-the-Land Summit, held at the community’s Chief Drygeese building in March 2017. The two symbols mark an intersection in time, where the disruptions of colonization are now a piece of the shared history of the North that stretches back thousands of years before the arrival of the Church. Front image by Pat Kane.



Grounding culture, guardianship, education, and healing on the land
Meagan Wohlberg & Kyla Kakfwi Scott

Minister Glen Abernethy’s Opening Address at the Pan-Territorial On-the-Land Summit Gala Dinner, March 15, 2017

Coming into Wisdom: Community, Family, Land, & Love
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Following the Trails of Our Ancestors:
Re-Grounding Tłįchǫ Knowledge on the Land
John B. Zoe

Indigenous Guardians:
Moccasins on the Ground & in the Boardroom
Stephen Kakfwi, Valérie Courtois, & Gloria Enzoe

Photo Essay
Pat Kane

Sacred People, Sacred Communities:
Relationships & the Language of Connection
Phillip Gatensby

Measuring Connection: Evaluating Land-Based Programs
Debbie DeLancey, Ioana Radu, Lawrence Enosse, & Stephen Ritchie

Empowering Youth: Land-Based Education at Deh Gah School
Lois Philipp

Honouring Our Strengths: Relying on Indigenous Culture to Promote Wellness
Carol Hopkins

On-the-Land Summit Agenda

On-the-Land Summit Videos


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